Cranial Surgery for Brain Tumor

For some brain surgeons, surgical technique hasn’t changed for the past 30 years. Open surgical craniotomies are still being performed when simpler, safer methods can be used. Of course, not all brain pathology may be managed without opening the skull, but it is advantageous to know of a neurosurgeon practiced in both the open and “closed skull” techniques.

This phenomenon of “minimizing” the surgical procedure or making it “less invasive” is not new or unique to brain surgery. Arthroscopic surgery in the field of orthopedics can repair a torn meniscus through the use of scopes and television screens, a gall bladder can now be removed through three tiny incisions in the abdomen, etc. Neurosurgery is a leader in the field of minimally invasive surgery because of techniques involving stereotactic localization, stereotactic surgery and radiosurgery (all explained in other sections of this website).

Even when a craniotomy (or opening of the skull) IS necessary, it should be performed with stereotactic guidance. The stereotactic navigational computer helps the surgeon operate in the brain with “radar-like” accuracy.

Cranial Surgery for Brain Tumor

The surgeon is able to register points from the patient’s head into the computer so that the computer can guide him or her to a tumor through an MRI map of the brain.

Using stereotactic technique, the navigational computer, and good general neurosurgical principles, tumors and vascular malformations may now be removed much more safely, and more completely. Smaller cranial openings to achieve the same goals may be made, and the patient usually has a shorter hospital stay.

With Gamma Knife radiosurgery, Dr. Duma is able to treat primary brain tumors, metastases, acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), trigeminal neuralgia and the tremor of Parkinson’s disease, without opening the skull. Click the button at the left for information on treatments using the Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

Of course the epitome of minimally invasive surgery, which is not experimental, and which has been used by Dr. Duma since 1990, is Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery. In fact, Dr. Duma is a course instructor at national meetings for this technique, and a pioneer in its technology here in America.

In addition, new techniques involving brain tumor immunotherapy (gene therapy, etc.) toward a cure for malignant tumors of the brain are currently being used by Dr. Duma in certain patients.

Modern techniques are now available to all patients for the management of intracranial disease in Los Angeles County.

Welcome to a tour through the field of minimally invasive neurosurgery.

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