Cranial Surgery of Brain Tumor Results

Neurosurgical navigation has revolutionized the field of neurosurgery. The modern neurosurgical patient should insist on this technology as being a part of his or her OR experience. After the cranial surgery procedure, the patients usually have smaller craniotomy openings, smaller incisions, lower complication rates, quicker recovery, and spend less time in the hospital post-operatively. This allows the patient to get home faster.

Brain Cranial Surgery Results

Tumor elegantly removed avoiding critical structures.

In Dr. Duma’s experience, the average length of stay after craniotomy for brain tumor is 2-3 days. Incisions are usually linear and small. Ninety-five percent of patients spend only one evening (the immediate post-op evening) in the intensive care unit. Patients have all arterial lines, Foley catheters etc, removed the day after surgery and they immediately begin physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy as needed. This all hastens their recovery from their cranial surgery. This is modern neurosurgical management in Los Angeles County, and makes brain tumor surgery far less traumatic than open heart surgery or even gall bladder surgery.

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'I was given a couple of months to live. Dr Duma is brilliant.'

Eric Muranaka
Malignant Brain Tumor
8 year survivor

'Thanks to Dr. Duma, my brain tumor has completely diminished.'

Victor Pimenta
Anaplastic Astrocytoma
14 year survivor

'He was knowledgeable and patient when addressing my concerns!'

Allison Smith-Conway
Parkinson's Disease
Symptom free 2 years

'I am alive today because of Dr. Duma.'

Lindsay Susskind
Glioblastoma Multiform
6 year survivor

'The standard of care Dr. Duma offers is stellar. '

Paul Roberts
Glioblastoma Multiform
6 year survivor

'You have extended my life, not only in time, but also the quality of life.'

Richard Teter
Glioblastoma Multiform
2 year survivor

'He is always concerned for my well-being. I trust him with my life!'

Kathy Hyams
Breast Cancer Brain Metastases
10 year survivor

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