Immunotherapy for Brain Tumor

There has been no change in the management of primary malignant tumors of the brain (Glioblastoma Multiforme and anaplastic astrocytomas – astrocytomas Grades 3 and 4) for 20 years. Immunotherapy results show that radiation therapy can double life expectancy, and chemotherapy may add a few more months to median survival.

The modern use of Gamma Knife radiosurgery has pushed further the survival curve with its high response rate, but still there is no cure for this dreaded disease. Survival may be only 1 year from the time of diagnosis, with fewer than 5% living 5 years. Thus, a new approach had to be undertaken.

Brain tumor cells, being foreign to the body, should be able to be managed by our normal immunologic defenses as they would if a bacterial or viral infection occurred. Furthermore, there should be a “memory” of the foreign pathogen such that if the immune system came in contact with a tumor cell again, it could recognize and destroy it much like a second exposure to chicken pox.

Imunotherapy For Brain Tumor

Because of the infiltrative nature of Grade 4 astrocytomas versus the compact nature of Grade 1 astrocytomas, and the presence of their hypothetical “immunosuppressive barrier”, the cure for this tumor must be a biological one such as immunotherapy.

Why doesn’t this occur with primary malignant tumors of the brain? We think that brain tumors have evolved a way to evade our own defenses and produce a “wall” of immunosuppression. The cure for this brain tumor may well lie in the breakdown of this wall, or indeed the overwhelming of this wall with immunotherapy procedures.

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