Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Procedures

In the early 1990s, researchers experimented with Interleukin-2 (IL-2) -activated lymphocytes and their in vivo effect on human brain tumors. Some immunotherapy results were excellent, but toxicities could be high. IL-2 is a “cytokine” – a type of chemical messenger which can enhance the immune response toward a foreign antigen (such as a tumor cell).

It was discovered that many cytokines may be automatically produced when two unlike, foreign, white blood cells come in contact. Thus, mixing the patients white blood cells with those of an unrelated donor, and allowing them to incubate in the lab for three days causes enhanced production of at least 7 different cytokines.

Immunotherapy Brain Tumor

Mixture of host and donor lymphocytes causing the production of cytokines and the targeting of a tumor cell.

If these are placed in the tumor bed at the time of a tumor resection, presumably this “angry” white cell mixture can break the immunosuppressive barrier that Glioblastoma Multiforme and Anaplastic Astrocytomas inherently have, and enable the hosts own immune system to “seek and destroy” the abnormal tumor cells. This is called a Mixed Lymphocyte Culture or MLC.

Lymphocyte Culture

The mixed Lymphocyte Culture three days after incubation, and their instillation into the tumor bed at the time of surgery.


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