-Dwight Wilson in Huntington Beach, CA | Aug 22, 2016
Dr. Christopher Duma is a top flight surgeon. He preformed gamma knife surgeries on multiple tumors of the brain for me. This has during February and March of this year. There are no new or active tumurs as of July 2, 2016. Great news thanks to GOD and a great surgeon like Dr. Duma. 

-Janet E in Placentia, CA | Jul 12, 2016
Have had to have 2 Gamma Knifes and Dr Duma performed both. 2 different reasons a brain tumor and a trigeminal neuralgia issue...both are now not an issue for me! Yay!
-Sylvia C in Fountain Valley, CA | May 23, 2016
I was referred to Dr. Duma for a meningioma. I had an excellent experience both in his office and at the Advanced Technology Pavilion at Hoag, where I received Gamma Knife treatment.
-Christina in Irvine, CA | May 13, 2016
Doctor Duma is amazing. If your trying to find the right neurologist, he's your guy. He's thorough, knowledgable and has the best bed side manner. He changed my quality of life and I'm no longer in pain 24/7. I'm so grateful. 
-Michelle B in Laguna Hills | May 12, 2016
Ditto to all the other awesome reviews. Dr Duma is the best Dr I have ever run across. He is compassionate, takes the time to explain everything to you, and genuinely concerned about your best interest. He is a rare find.

-Paul Vizer in Montebello, CA | May 01, 2016
A Truly Gifted Man, Great Professional / Personal Experience. Excellent Staff, Need I Say More?
-Tedesco, V. in Fountain Valley, CA | Apr 23, 2016
I felt he was very knowledgeable and confident about treating my brain tumor. I felt I was in very good hands. The entire staff with which Dr. Duma is affiliated with was equally confident in his skills and professionalism.
-Patricia (Pat) Stoaks in Fountain Valley, CA | Apr 01, 2016
I would recommend Dr. Duma gladly. He was very courteous, answered all my questions and explained all procedures and potential outcomes thoroughly.
-Mary Manno in Newport Beach, CA | Mar 15, 2016
Couldn't have been better!!!!!
-Kamerin in Alexandria, VA | Mar 10, 2016
He cares deeply for his patients and their well-being. He saved my life. Five years later he and his staff check on me monthly. Each patient matters. I live in VA now and fly back to CA for check ups thats how much I value his care as my neurosurgeon. 

5.0 of 5
November 15th, 2016
wait time
5 minutes
Clear explanations of diagnosis and treatment options and directions for followup. Encourages questions. He was highly recommended by another MD. I am happy with the effective Gamma Knife treatment for the brain tumor and caring followup.



Dr. Duma surgically removed a large metatastic tumor in my brain in January 2001, and has performed Gamma Knife radiosurgery several times since then as new tumors have been found. He is always concerned for my well-being and takes the time to explain so I understand my choices, and the results have always been successful. I trust him with my life!

Eric Muranaka, Arcadia, CA


Christopher M. Duma, M.D. has treated me with Gamma Knife radiosurgery for a primary malignant brain tumor. My cancer was diagnosed as a glioblastoma multiforme stage three or four. I was suffering from partial paralysis on my left side from the tumor and by the time I finished my treatment with Dr. Duma my paralysis subsided. Initially, I was given a couple a month or two of survival; That was nine years ago. Dr Duma is brilliant and compassionate. He listens very intently to your feedback. Dr. Duma has followed up with me for eight years and is consistently managing my condition, proving that he is not the type of doctor who just performs surgery and then forgets the patient. I recommend Dr. Duma to anyone who is experiencing a brain tumor or neurological disorder.

Richard I. Teter


I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet such a brilliant and magnificent man. You have extended my life, not only in time, but also the quality of life while living with cancer and brain tumors as well. I couldn’t thank you enough for your dedication, brilliance, and expertise in battling my brain tumors.

Paul M. Roberts, Huntington Beach, CA


Dr. Duma’s care is consistent with best practices. I went to doctors at reputable health centers before Dr. Duma, and did not feel the same connection. The standard of care Dr. Duma offers is stellar. He genuinely has the patient’s health at heart. He does his homework before he consults with his patients. His care and preparedness is crucial to the results he achieves. He took time to become well aware of my medical history and needs, and he communicates well with other members of my medical team to provide the best level of healthcare possible.

Lindsay Susskind


I am alive today because of Dr. Duma. I was diagnosed over six years ago with an aggressive, malignant brain tumor with an average survival time of less than a year. Because of his knowledge of all the up to date treatment options, I am alive today and planning a wedding for next year.

Allison Smith-Conway, MA, NASM-CPT


Being a young onset patient, I made sure to do my research when deciding what Neurosurgeon I was going to use for my Deep Brain Surgery for Parkinson’s disease. Not only did Dr. Duma meet all expectations, but he went on and above to keep me comfortable and informed throughout all three procedures. His staff was very friendly and always quick to help. Not only would I recommend him to others, but I would send my own family members to see him. He was knowledgeable and patient when addressing my concerns! Now if we could only have all of our Doctor’s follow his lead.

Victor Pimenta


Before I became a patient of Dr. Duma, I had surgery for a brain tumor that was only partially removed. In order to treat my brain tumor, I was told I’d need a year of chemotherapy, which caused severe damage to my kidneys and high blood pressure. After seven months of chemotherapy, an MRI was performed, only to find out the tumor was still growing. Thanks to Dr. Duma for using the Gamma Knife treatment, my brain tumor has completely diminished, leaving me with a positive outlook to live a normal life.

Victor Frederick


Dr. Duma, through his professionalism and caring, helped to make an extremely trying time in my life easier. After seeing a few doctors and getting a grim prognosis from all of them, Dr. Duma took on my case and went above and beyond what other doctors had done for me up to that point. He treated me with the Gamma Knife and several follow up surgeries to kill the brain tumor and save my life. Now I am an 18 year cancer survivor who is not only happy to call Dr. Christopher Duma my doctor but also a friend that I named my son after.

Lydia Elizarraras


Dec. 7th, 2011 was my 7-year survival anniversary, thanks to Dr. Duma, my medical team and the Great Physician Upstairs. Dr. Duma’s confidence, communication and honesty about my treatment made it more bearable. Dr. Duma’s expertise and knowledge was a great comfort to me. He is my hero!

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'I was given a couple of months to live. Dr Duma is brilliant.'

Eric Muranaka
Malignant Brain Tumor
8 year survivor

'Thanks to Dr. Duma, my brain tumor has completely diminished.'

Victor Pimenta
Anaplastic Astrocytoma
14 year survivor

'He was knowledgeable and patient when addressing my concerns!'

Allison Smith-Conway
Parkinson's Disease
Symptom free 2 years

'I am alive today because of Dr. Duma.'

Lindsay Susskind
Glioblastoma Multiform
6 year survivor

'The standard of care Dr. Duma offers is stellar. '

Paul Roberts
Glioblastoma Multiform
6 year survivor

'You have extended my life, not only in time, but also the quality of life.'

Richard Teter
Glioblastoma Multiform
2 year survivor

'He is always concerned for my well-being. I trust him with my life!'

Kathy Hyams
Breast Cancer Brain Metastases
10 year survivor

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