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What is the American Board of Neurological Surgery, and Why is it Important?

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Have you ever left the mechanic feeling like you had no idea what was even fixed? Or paid for IT support, only to find yourself uneasy about the recommended updates or purchases your technician had offered. We have all been in a situation where we feel inadequately qualified to make decisions because we are unlearned in the topic and because of this, we feel apprehensive about moving forward with a plan or purchase. Unfortunately, when it comes to neuroscience, practically every single one of us is unlearned. Additionally, moving forward with treatment is very time sensitive. How can we be certain our neurosurgeon is best informed, highly trained, and qualified to provide the best care and treatment possible? This is where the American Board of Neurological Surgery  (ABNS) comes into play.

In 1939, neurosurgeons such as Drs. Alfred W. Adson, Paul C. Bucy, Winchell McK. Craig, Loyal Davis, Howard C. Naffziger, Eric Oldberg, Max M. Peet, and R. Glen Spurling recognized the need for detailed training and special qualifications for the practice of neurosurgery. Representatives from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) held an informal gathering on March 27, 1939 to discuss the idea of a Board, and subsequently the ABNS was created. Today, its primary purposes are to conduct examinations of neurosurgeons seeking out certification, and to issue Certificates to those who meet the requirements of the Board and satisfactorily complete its examinations. Certification by the ABNS is based on review and evaluation of the applicant’s educational, training, and practice qualifications. Once these factors have been satisfied, applicants are required to successfully complete written and oral examinations. Once certified, members continue ongoing evaluation by the ABNS.

In short, the best way to find peace of mind when seeking neurological treatment options is to find an American Board Neurological Surgery certified surgeon who is also a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Doing so will insure your surgeon is intensely educated, trained and tested. ABNS surgeons are elite and have undergone the additional requirements to ensure the utmost care, safety and treatment for their patients. In addition to being ABNS certified, and a member of the AANS, Dr. Chris Duma is also a member of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons – the global leader in neurosurgical education. With his experience, education, training and certification, it is nearly impossible to find a more qualified neurosurgeon to treat your case than Dr. Chris Duma. His team has experienced countless success with a diverse range or brain tumors and they are eager to bring their professionalism to your unique situation.